Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"What is right with you?" Part 11: Really?

Really?  Why would steps into some therapy office be any different than anything that has happened before?  So change has to involve risking that all over again, moving into those places that I have learned to never go to with anyone, and even most of the time, I avoid in myself?  In good therapy, this is called transference.  It is especially good therapy when the therapist recognizes it and works with it well enough.  While we have begun to trust this kind person we have chose to be our therapist, we notice that we are silent on certain matters.  At that moment, we make it about the therapist.  Something we have to hide.  I hide my "childish" emotions, my anger, wrapped up and secured away by my "adaptive self" who makes peace with everyone, and hides what I really feel.  Being able to venture into these "forbidden" thoughts and reactions is...bizarrely enough, some of the beginning of getting back to "What is Right with You?"  My website

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